Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Photos from the Museum of the Moving Image, Astoria NY

Me and the Mutoscope (pic by Shaw Girl).
A few weeks ago, my Fiancee and I went up to Brooklyn, NY for her birthday and to have our engagement photos taken. We had a great time exploring parts of the city. I hadn't been to New York since I was in high school and I really enjoyed the trip. We mostly stayed in the Brooklyn area, there was so much to explore that we didn't have to leave the area much. We ate at many great restaurants, explored Prospect Park, bought way too much at the Brooklyn Flea Market and I even got myself lost in a couple used books stores while I was there.

One of the things we did leave Brooklyn for was a trip to the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria. Even though it was her birthday she made sure to plan time for this because she knew I would love it (isn't she sweet?). It isn't a very large museum but it does have a great collection of film industry memorabilia. Their exhibits range from props and costumes to old cameras and projectors. They even had some old vintage video games there, including an original pong arcade game (which wasn't in working order) and an original Frogger arcade (which was working). It did make me feel kind of old when I ran across a Sega Genesis though. Nothing from my childhood should be in a museum.

I thought I would dedicate a post to just showing off some pics that I took while I was at the museum. I highly recommend going there if you are ever in New York. Apparently they do film screening on occasion as well. I'd love get up there for one of those some time. Perhaps on my next trip. I hope you enjoy the pics but keep in mind I am not the best photographer and these were all taken with my iPhone. There is so much more in the museum than what you see here though, so visit if you get the chance.